Possible to limit number of voices?

Right now when I trigger two notes on Kick 2, and the first one is not finished, the second one gets added, is there a settings to limit the number of voice for the plugin ? Didn’t see anything

Hi there @elesdyzer

KICK 2 will trigger sound whenever it receives Midi input in order to use the keytrack feature that enables KICK 2 to follow the pitch of the incoming midi note ( e.g : when using KICK 2 as an instrument to create bass sounds ), therefore allowing the plugin to receive multiple Midi notes at the same time.

When programming a Kick pattern, we are not expecting to receive overlapping or multiple Midi notes, but rather spaced Midi events. In addition to your Midi Pattern, parameters like the Kick Length slider, gate, slide and portamento time settings can help to fine tune this.

In most case, adjusting the length of your Midi notes alongside the kick length slider value helps to avoid overlapping audio → e.g : you may want to use shorter Midi notes like 1/8 or 1/16 instead of 1/4 ( for a standard 4x4 Kick pattern ).

Ok thank you, so there is not “number of voices” parameter then.

My solution is to use a sampler with just one voice.
I need to do that as I using some kind of random midi note generation.

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Yep, not very conventional way, but I recon this can be interesting to get some creative patterns :sunglasses:

No, there’s no setting doing exactly what you want to achieve.

What I would suggest is to increase the Portamento Time Value, this is in Milli Seconds and it defines the time it takes for sliding from one note to another, that might work.

See my issue:

The portamento has no effect, I am not changing the pitch.

But I am ok using the sample, thanks for your help

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In Serum there is a MONO option under Voicing.

Mono (Monophonic) Switch
The Mono switch enables Monophonic mode,
where Serum will only allow one active note
at-a-time. If a new note is pressed while one
is playing, the old one is “interrupted”,
technically it is re-pitched to the new pitch.

I guess @elesdyzer is looking for the same thing in KICK 2.