Post-dubstep (or whatever else it might be called...)

I’d love to see some tutorials on the so-called ‘post-dubstep’ sound from artists like Mount Kimbie…

[url=]Mount Kimbie - Would know - YouTube

Gold Panda…

[url=]- YouTube

And Joy Orbison…

[url=]Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo - YouTube

As much as I love dubstep, I find this style much more interesting. The sounds are warm and lush, and the artists make some fantastically creative use of sidechain compression emphasised with layers of white noise that deliberately breaks out of the predictable 4/4 pump that the technique has become so associated with now. The other thing that I find interesting about the genre is the way it seems far more interested in sample manipulation rather than synthesis. Anyone else?

great idea +1

I remember i used to listen to those tracks all the time :smiley:

Yeah i noticed most of them layer white noise or field recordings of beaches or spray :smiley: and side chaining and bring elements from other forms of music :smiley:


that joy orbison track is sick, def +1

Reminds me of Nosaj Thing

His Drift album is superb.

Also this, of course

So what exactly IS this genre called? I heard the term ‘post-dubstep’ but it seems like a pretty dumb description to me…

Interesting that Wiki has both Burial and Four Tet down as post-dubstep artists.

Personally I’d fit them all into a wider category of breakbeat. Simply because of the broken rhythms used and the heavy hip-hop influence.