Potential for a synth tutorial for XILS-lab Syn-X 2?


Recently went for the intro offer for Syn-X 2 and I’ve been very impressed with the analogue sound and potential of this plugin. Was wondering whether any of your regular tutors have discovered Syn-X 2 and would consider doing a short course (the type of thing Matt Thomas has done so well for Arturia synths).


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  • +1 for this :wink:

And not only for this updated version of the Syn’X 2, Xils-Lab is a totally underrated company IMO and they make wonderful soft-synths like this one but also the Xils 3 & 4 , the Poly-M & the PolyKB-III :wink:

Would definitely love to see Matt Thomas getting his hands ( well, his computer mouse in this case ) on these, already suggested the idea on S.A FB Group.

So calling other members, anyone interested in some Xils-Lab synths tutorial from Matt, please vote !

Why do we need Matt expertise with this ? Because those soft-synths sounds ridiculously good first of all, because they are all emulations from rare vintage gears that Matt would probably know about but also because those synths can look intimidating & cumbersome to learn since they are packed with lot’s of features & impressive GUI. I’ve seen only Kirk Degiorgio mentioning the Poly-M ( and just using a preset ) in one of his tutorials on S.A.

So yep, those nice plugins need to be demystified and I’m sure there’s an audience for it, there’s not so many resources on the Web about it, and nothing to compare to Matt’s brilliant way of teaching on this subject.

It would be really awesome if S.A & Matt could take a look to Xils-lab synths.

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