Pounding Kick Vs. Pad Bass

Hi guys & gals.

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Im having problems with a mix.

My problem is that I have a Bass, Consisting of a Pad which I’ve sidechained slightly.

And now, after some fiddling around, trying to solve my problem myself, I “give up”.

I want the bass to still sit tight in the mix and still have some low-end properties, but have a kick which is “pounding” and full as well.

How do I do this, any tips and tricks will most likely help me out - Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

First thing you need to be able to do that, is have a good set of speakers with a sub bass. Cause getting things really tight on the bottom end is a matter of right EQing, sidechaining and careful listening.

Some things you could do are:

  • EQ the main frequencies out of eachother. So the main frequencies of the bass out of the kick, and viceversa.
  • Cut off the low end on the bass a bit more. Usually the main meat of the kick sits between 40-60Hz. Make sure you cutoff this part from the bass.
  • Sidechain the bass with the kick. You can play with the cutoff of the sidechain kick channel and the sidechain properties of the bass to obtain the perfect settings.

    Just a few options. Hope they help.