Pre-Submitting Demo's to labels

I was just curious to know, when you guys have submitted demo’s to labels how are you submitting them, are you doing a ‘dj pre-master’ on them or just submitting a mixdown ?

I was just wondering because obviously when you listen to your ‘home’ mastered (plugin eq/compression/limiter etc) version against commercially released tracks it sounds no where near as top quality and it kind of puts me off sending them thinking they are not as good.

Keep the tunes banging!!


Hi there and welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

Well, simply put, if it’s a demo submission for a label, you want to send over the best quality as possible.

So a pre-mastered ( or even mastered ) version is recommended trying to meet the commercial levels.

It’s different when you are sending your tracks for mastering, in this case you want to get rid of your own pre-master effects chain and send a mixdown with something like 6db of head room for the mastering guy to work with ease.

Cheers :wink:

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