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Any one on here do this? will i set up a sonic league?


I’m already in a league but will join up if there’s interest.

Is this idea still going around? I just saw this post :(. I know the league already started but i would totally join!

Would be fun, a sonic academy fantasy league.

Yeah I’ve been away for a bit and only saw this now also, was a league set up?

I just set one up anyways, 832602-487231

If there is an official SA one please let me know.

nice one!!

ive joined!!

Ohhhh wildcard played already Phil??

Looks like it payed off tho, handy lookin team.

Just wish i would have stuck with Jaskelinen… would habe bagged a ton more points this week and last…

should have subbed of van persie too.

hopefully Everton do some damage tonight pretty poor week.

Just joined.


I’m in for this!

I think it’s safe to say that I am having my worst season ever on this!:crying:

i had a couple of stinker weeks… need to get rid of some dead wood.