Preset Junkies

i can’t take credit for spotting these sounds, but the ones i’ve managed to take a listen to sound spot on

Laidback Luke - Break the House Down. Not the main lead but another synth. V-Station >> Noughty Lead

Axwell - I found you remode - the main bass and synth riff. FM7 > Ghooole

Dirty South - Let it go (Axwell remix). NI Massive >> SQ Power Stab

Axwell ID w/ “put your hands up in the air”. Absynth >> candrum

HardFi (Axwell remix). Korg Monopoly >> Kord Rain

Axwell & Dirty South - Open Your Heart. NI Massive >> Midnight Children

Arno Cost & Norman Dorey - Apocalypse. Minimoog V >> CD_Scary_SeQ

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Partouze. Cakewalk Rapture : 06-Keys >> Classic Chicago Stack 1

Adele - Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode). Cakewalk Rapture : 06-Keys >> Classic Chicago Stack 4 is from

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be. Korg M1 >> House Organ Split

Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance. NI Massive >> Big Deeper

SHM & LBL - Get Dumb. ABSYNTH preset >> Birdie Scratch

Axwell - Submariner. Fx Sound. ABSYNTH preset >> Avionics

Julien Jabre - Swimming Places (Seb Ingrosso Remix). z3ta+ preset : B >> chicago 01

No love lost (DONS & DBN Remix). z3ta+ preset : B >> chicago 02

Deadmau5 chord sound. Z3ta : C >> Chords of life

Deadmau5 - Reward Is Cheese. NI Massive >> TresManos

Tristan Garner - Caribe. NI Massive >> butterfly

Pryda - Loaded. Korg legacy collection : legacycell >> influx strings

Pryda - Shadows. Korg Legacy Collection : legacycell >> 006eep Searchin

Don & Palm - Apollo. FM8 >> Smooth stab

Deadmau5 - Slip. z3ta : E bank >> the other same arp

Nelly Furtardo - Promiscuous (Axwell Remix). Pro 53 >> Analog SQ1

TV Rock - Been A Long Time (Laidback Luke Remix). Pro 53 >> Analog SQ1

SHM & LBL - Leave the World Behind. FM8 >> Short Seq

Nari & Milani - Gnuk!. FM8 >> Squarelead

David Guetta - Love Takes Over (Laidback Luke Mix). Massive >> D-Droid

John Dahlback - World Of Love. Sylenth1 : 1st bank : KEY : Chicago and KEY >> Pizzicato

Funkagenda and Mark Knight - Man with the Red Face. FM8 >> Short seq

Axwell WMC ID - YouTube . NI Massive - Fudgecake

Pryda - Pjanoo. String preset Korg M1 : Card 9 >> Brass-Ens(emble) & piano preset Korg M1 : Card 1 >> Piano 8

Axwell - I Found U. one of the RefX NEXUS patches for the piano sound

Novy & Bahil - Fluxkompensator. Logic 8 Studio >> Apple Loops >> Modern Rock Guitar 22

Awell & Dirty South - Open your heart. NI Absynth >> Square Pad With Flange &

Vember Audio Surge >> Pluck (fast) >> Sinus Verby Pops

Axwell - Feel the vibe (Eric Prydz mix) >> Patch 33 in Korg Legacy

Kanye West - Harder Better Faster Stronger. Logic preset >> Fifth Moon

Seamus Haji. Z3ta >> Microwave Bass

Soul Central - In-Ten-City. Club-beat 006 loop

Rhianna - Umbrella. Vintage Funk preset loop from Garageband

deadmau5 - Ghost n Stuff. Sytrus >> 4 drawbars

I think this goes to show, that you always dont have to be a synthesis expert to make amazing music. However, I feel that it is pertinent for all producers to learn how to program a synth.

I concur. Nothing wrong with a bit of present now and again, but I do take much more pride when I know the sounds are all my own.

In relation to the OP, is it possible that, at least some of those, the presets are copies of the sounds used, rather than the other way round.

Sylenth for example has loads of well known leads amongst it’s presets, and I am guessing not all the artists were using Sylenth.

Great list for deconstructing some big tracks though

sure thing, its very possible that the presets were created to copy the artist. but its still a good source to find a sound

I don’t think i noticed any in there, but if you look at the pre-sets in Sylenth they’re are some that are closely named to tracks that are out and have the same sound.

I think though that it’s possible with those particular ones in Sylenth are - like jon said - made to replicate the track.

pretty impressive !! thats alot of presets used lol . but what i think is that every synth have a different engine that sometimes they might come up closer to one of the presets that is used in another synths.  i always tought is being able to program your own synths will help you to work faster + you might be able to create a  new kind of sound that we never heard before. wich pretty much makes you unique than someone using Presets . but who cares nowadays . 85% of people uses Presets lol

everyone uses presets at some point(at the very least as a starting point)internet forums are just usually filled with insecure liars.

Who cares anyways if you use a preset, in the end of the day it’s no different from sampling something. If it sounds good… use it.

I use a preset by Roland on the 303 called acid! Hell yeah I’m a preset whore…

It’s all about being creative with whatever you use whether it’s £100 or £100,000 worth of studio equipment

Good post, lots of time and listening went into it

its not uncommon for big producer to by hardware synths just for the presets, not every producer will be a good synth programmer much in the same way that not every producer will be good at beat and if you really listen you can hear some of the vengeance loops in many of the top tracks. i know some guys have admitted in interviews that a track was made after flicking through synth presets stabbing away at the keyboard for inspiration.