Preset won't open on another instance of ANA2

Hello, I’m using the Slate Ana2 Ultra Bundle. There’s a preset called Vibey Keys that I use in a project. My band and me play this song live and we use the same sounds as in the studio productions. On the computer we use live the newest version of ANA2 is installed (not from the Slate Ultra Bundle though). The preset is not included in that version, so I saved it under a different name on the studio computer and copied the file to the live computer. When I open the preset on the live computer the wavetable is missing. So all you hear is a little bit of noise from the noise generator. The wavetable is called SD_MAITRI and is nowhere to be found in the wavetable library. The weird thing is, that it’s also missing from the wavetable library of the Slate Ultra Bundle where it came from. If I switch to a different wavetable there, I can’t get back to said wavetable used in the preset either. Are wavetables not stored within the preset? Is this an intentional limitation so presets from the Ultra Bundle can’t be used elsewhere? Why is the wavetable not listed in the library although it’s being used in a preset? Can I export the wavetable and import it into the preset on the other computer?
Any help is much appreciated.

If you can’t find the wavetable SD_MaiTri inside ANA 2 wavetable browser, then it’s likely that this Slate Digital Expansion pack is not installed or correctly installed on this computer.

Head to the Slate Digital Installers Page scroll down the page and download and install the ANA 2 Ultra Vintage Analog Vol.2 Expansion Pack matching your OS version.

You will need to login with your Slate Digital “All Access Pass” credentials to be able to download this.

SD-Vintage Analog Vol.2 Expansion Pack