hi phill a couple of months ago i asked you how to make a certain saw bass synth preset used in quite a few dutch house atm(bass jackers mush mush)! you offered me a preset you’d made in ANA any chance you could make the same preset in sylenth for me? I’ve spunked all my money on a real version of sylenth n can’t really afford ana just yet although i will a soon as i can afford it! I’ve tried to replicate your instructions but can’t seem to get the same thickness of sound please help :wink:

you bought sylenth instead of ANA? surely ANA does more for much less money?

ha ha I’m sure it does and i do intend to purchase it! I bought sylenth because friends use it and as a novice access to a lot of sound banks appealed to me. Im really interested in synthesis and have been doing a few tutorials on sound developing as opposed to just using presets. I made one in sylenth with the instructions you gave me but it just doesn’t sound fat enough! have i missed something? thats why I’ve asked for an fxp of you i’d be ever so grateful :slight_smile: