Pro tips on this?

Hey guys,

Ok kinda going back to my request on snare rolls really, I’m making a clap roll but even though i’ve put some filter sweep as it rises and also edited the velocity to try make them sound less robotic, it still sounds… robotic.

I’ve added a sample here, could you take a listen to it, it’s with the rest of the rising track but you’ll be able to make it out. Something just doesnt sound right and i’m not sure what i could do with the ‘clap roll’ to make it more flued and nicer sounding.

Any tips / help / advice much appreciated! Cheers guys :slight_smile:

try shortening the notes as they speed up. meaning making them way more staccato as you climax. this will also thin out the sound with the filter sweep making it less robotic.


you have to create micro amounts of space between the notes when doing a roll to make it have a drum snap sound instead of a 32/64 note blur, aka robotic machine gun.


sorry bout so many posts on this. the other thing that i realized is that you should really extend the release on the beginning claps. just like i said create space between the climax claps, you need to have the feeling of less space between the spread out beginning claps. so if you make it to where they have long tails in the beginning, and then short decay on the climax with staccato notes and spaces between, you should get a way more full roll that sounds live and real regardless of it being a clap or snare…


Cheers mate, legend!

Will have a stab at this now :smiley:

Easier said than done. It’s sounding a bit better but still not quite right.

Really could do with that requested Tech Tip lol

Use the narrow function on your piano roll and zoom way in. Your talking MICRO spacing here. The best part is, once you’ve done this once, you can use the midi you created for all drum rolls. Its a one time deal!


So i’m just shortening the notes is that right?

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I haven’t got MSN on this lappy, but yes, you’re only shortening the notes as you get to the climax. The shorter you set your decay on the note, the shorter you want the note. Longer note, leave a longer decay. Shorter notes in the climax, leave little to no decay. I also use a trick where I automate the wet/dry on my reverb to go from all the way wet with the long notes, to almost non existant and dry in the shorter notes. You want gaps in the notes, but you want to try to fill the spaces with reverb or ambient noise/white noise. This helps it flow without allowing the ear to notice the spaces between the beats… I’ll try to cook up an example for you this evening when I get home!


if you have ever watched a drummer (like in marching band or something) and their stick hits the drum head, it bounces and hits. I think it would hit either 2-3 times per hit but each hit is progressively quieter. Try doing 3 hits either per 64th note or 3 hits per 32nd note and each hit progressively gets quieter. Hope it makes sense and give it a whirl.