Pro Tools cannot open sessions where Ana 2 is active

I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with Pro Tools 12.

When Pro Tools tries to load sessions where ANA 2 is present, it gets stuck on any track with ANA 2 and loads forever but never opens.

The only work around is to open the session with all plugins inactive and manually activate them one by one. But even then, I cannot activate the ANA 2 plugins or it will freeze again.

I can load a new instance of Ana 2, just cannot recall previous instances without freezing.

Please help

Hey there @chriscormier17

Could you please specify you’re release version of Pro Tools 12 as well as if you’re using the latest version of ANA 2 v2.0.94. Also, Is this happening just with this particular project ? What happens if you create a new PT project with several instances of ANA 2 and then save it and reload it : is it the same behavior then ? Thanks.

Did you find a fix?
Getting the same issue in PT

Hey there @orangefridge

Haven’t received any update from this user since January 31 after reporting this issue.

In your case, you detailed your PT version but could you please report the following :

  • OS version details.
  • Version of ANA 2 plugin ( latest is v2.094 ).
  • Are you running the Slate Digital version of ANA 2 with iLok authorization or the Sonic Academy version.
  • If on Windows are you using the 32bit or 64bit version of the plugin.

Are those steps correct to describe & replicate your issue :

  • Reopen a previous save PT project containing tracks with ANA 2 instances.
  • PT is loading & opens the session.
  • Selecting any track with an instance of ANA 2 and trying to open the plugin → Plugin won’t load & PT hangs.

That’s what I understood from the initial post.

Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall ANA 2 since you had this issue ?

  • On a Mac you’ll find an uninstaller in MacOS HDD/Applications/Sonic Academy/ANA 2

  • On Windows that will be C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/

Release Version is Pro Tools 2019.12.0. The issue occurs in saved sessions and new sessions. PT hangs when opening any session where ANA 2 is present. I am running ANA 2 v2.0.93 through Slate Digital. I will update to .94 and report back. Thanks!

Hey, there thanks for the update.

So at the moment it’s PT simply not opening any previous session with ANA 2 v2.0.93, PT won’t even open the session ?