Problem Downloading ANA 2.5 on Mac (Archive Utility Issue)

Hello, I am a beginner in music Production. Watched a video the other day to make melodic trance and they were using your wave table synth. I downloaded the key and files on my Mac, but the Zip file is not loading on to my plug ins. Please help ASAP, Or refund me my money. I found vital quickly after this issue. PS. I live in USA, I don’t know if this affects the key license. Thanks.

Hi there @REMPEY84

You need to un-compress the .zip archive and navigate to the MAC folder and then run the .pkg installer file in order to install ANA 2 plugin on your Mac.

You also need to download and save your License key ANA 2.keyfile onto your Mac.

Both downloads are available from your My Account/My Downloads/Plugins area :

After running the .pkg installer file :

1 - Start your DAW and launch a new instance of ANA 2 on a new instrument track.

2 - You’ll be presented with the Welcome/Activation screen → Click on REGISTER

3 - A new Finder Window will pop out → Navigate to your previously saved ANA 2.keyfile and just select/highlight the file ( do not try to double click or open this file, this is not in a readable format !! ).

4 - Click on OPEN in the Finder WindowANA 2 should be authorized on your Mac now :+1:

Hope this helps !

If you’re having further issue with this, please shoot an email to support and let them know your Mac OS version and DAW Name + Version and they help you sort this out :sunglasses:


Just replied to your email from support now :+1:

Please make sure to check your Spam/Junk folders for unwanted emails.

Cheers :sunglasses: