Problem streaming video


No matter what i try its impossible to see any stream offered from the website, only thing i get is a running circle on a black background.

I tried to update flash (latest installed)

I tried on Win8 RP

I tried IE 9/10 (win8)

I tried chrome, firefox

I tried this on Win7 32/64 bit with chrome, firefox

I tried chrome with build in flash and with system flash

All failed to show me the videos

I really like to subscribe but only when am able to see video of course.


Same here

can’t see a vid, just a turning loading circle, :frowning:

where are you both located?

I’m from Belgium

Yep, same here… Belgium is in trouble :wink:

I’m located in the netherlands, same problem!

Last week I subscribed, tried manny things but it still won’t work.

I’m from the Netherlands and having same problem.

Hope there’s a solution to this soon…

hi guys

is this happening with every course you try to watch or is it isolated to one in particular?

For me its working again now, hope it will last :slight_smile:

[quote]Jupken (16/07/2012)[hr]For me its working again now, hope it will last :)[/quote]

it must have been a caching issue in the european servers - hopefully has resolved itself

Belgium, yes it seems to be solved :-))))

and again… not possible to watch videos :frowning:

worked earlier today, but now its loading circle again

same overhere…

not amused…

Hi Guys

we have investigated this and it turns out our video hosts are having issues with the Amsterdam Edge location of our cloud servers.

will update you here as soon as we find out it has been fixed


This has apparently been resolved.

can any of you confirm?

yupz, works again :slight_smile:

Can’t get any videos to stream on my laptop. When I right click i get ‘Movie not loaded’. Tried all browsers, updated flash player. Works on my desktop fine.

Latest versions of all browsers are installed.

Any help would be great.

Hi there,

Very odd. Can you hit us up at