Problem with ableton tutorial modules

Ok so i have the 2 free tutorials for signing up-parts 1 and 2 of the ableton production course-my problem is that they are slightly misleading to me-for example part 1 i believe is called ‘creating a drum beat’ but what it really is imo is using some samples you have made elsewhere and simply loading them up and arranging them. I was kinda hoping for a tutorial on how you made each element in the loop (percussion etc.)within ableton if thats where they were made so that i could experiment myself and not simply go sample hunting.

any help much appreciated:)

Hi sander thanks for the feedback,

Creating drum sounds from scratch through synthesis or live recordings is something we may be covering in later more advanced tutorials but isn’t generally (in my experience) how things are done.

Ableton isnt really what you would use for “creating” drum sounds… if you are looking for an analogue drum synth Sonic Charge uTonic VSTi is great.

Sonic Charge - products

I spend most of the time when creating a beat searching for the best samples to fit the style. This usually involves trawling through sample cds or listening through my record collection for sounds i can use/sample. Although I tend to have a few favorite kicks and snares i keep going back too.

Layering and cutting up loops etc in the background can also help.

Most house beats have the same basic structure which we have shown in the module.

If house or techno is your thing the vengeance series of sample cds are a great starting point for creating sweet beats.

hope this helps phil.

Cheers phil,i think my problem is im just thinking about it too much and therefore making it more complicated than it actually is,will grab the full course when it goes up and work from there:cool: