Problems extracting Ableton Tutorials

Subsribed and have downloaded the first 3 ableton live tutorials, however when extracting the second tutorial i'm being told that some of the files are password protected...???

I need help please :pinch:


Oli P
aka Olsta

Q. Can’t unzip downloads: There is an issue with unzipping some of our files using windows

A. Use 7zip Download

thank you :D

It doesn’t work for me with 7-zip either. In the Windows extracter I’m asked for the password, 7-zip says that it “can not open output file”.

It’s for, I don’t get the projects for module 5 and module 6.

Is it really so hard to answer this post?

usually no problems with 7zip, looking into this now

sorry for delay

i am going to repackage all of the project files and repost to hopefully eliminate this problem

sorry for the inconvenience