Problems renewing my subscription

I have been a subscriber for a year now and was just about to get myself another years subscription using the 20% off code I got when my subscription ended. I just tried to this and it say’s the code has expired? I only got the code two weeks and was waiting until pay day to renew, surely you must allow more than two weeks for people to renew. If I’d have known that, I would have just stretched my budget and paid there and then.

Is there any chance my code can be activated so I can renew, it seems a little unfair that I can’t get the 20% off because I waited 2 weeks to re-subscribe?

Drop a mail to and we will get you sorted.

I’ll do it now, that’s great.

Thanks Phil.

Thanks, that’s sorted, turns out it was my fault anyway!!

Here’s to another year of SA!

Awesome!! Good to keep you aboard.