Problems using a turntble with audio interface HELP!

hi all,

ive just recently got a tt500 from a mate so i can dig out all my old vinyls n have a play on live (warping n stuff). iv got it linked up2 my ni audio kontrol1, but the sound is awful!! its not my leads coz i used the same 1s i use for my kaossilator and that sounds fine. the only thing i thnk it cud be is the cartridge i got a cheap1 from ebay 4 £7!:smiley: just wanted2 check on here b4 i go n buy a decent 1!

if ne1 can help me that would be much appreciated!!

cheers andy

did you checked the ground cables of the TT?

yeah i did notice a buzzing so iv grounded it 2 my apc40 now its stopped! i did hold the ground 2 a light switch 1st n that stopped it so then i conected it 2 the apc40. i did wonder about that, it doesnt have a ground cable connected 2 the deck so i just put a single core cable to the ground point on the deck. the sound off the deck is really high like theres no bass at all so i put a n eq 3 on it n its still crap!

ive done a bit more searching online n found out that i need a pre-amp! hopefully that should be the end of it!!:slight_smile: