Problems with losing settings on Kick2

I’m having a frustrating issue with Kick2. For some reason it happens after I save all my settings for click 1,2, and 3 then close. Once I reopen Kick2 the settings do not save. Click one will show as the volume being off and I have to readjust everything to the way it was before, but can never get it the same. What is the issue?

what version of KICK 2 are you running / OS Version and DAW version?

It’s for OS and yes running it through Ableton

apologies for the confusion, i need to know
a) Operating System version number
b) Ableton Live version number
c) Kick 2 version number

macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Ableton Live 10 Standard
Kick2 V1.0.5

I want to also add that the WAV form disappears as well on both saved settings and the presets. When scrolling through and selecting a preset the WAV form appears briefly then disappears. It’s as though the pitch keeps resetting into something completely different. Same thing happens with my saved settings. I will set a particular pitch to the WAV form and save, but then when I close and reopen the pitch is for whatever reason reset to a completely different setting. The plugin is very buggy at the moment and I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing or if it’s a problem with the plugin itself.

Hi @ranevega

There’s too many weird behaviour results for being a problem with the plugin itself in my opinion.

Are you up to date with latest Live 10.0.2 version btw ? It could be that your plugins cache got corrupted in Live, I would suggest you 2 things :

  • Do a clean uninstall of Kick 2 using a tool like AppDelete ( you want to be sure to remove the installed directory, all plugins aax, au, vst and some .plist files in user preferences… that’s why an clean uninstaller app is handy.

  • Then refer to this topic by Ableton in order to reset Live

  • Finally perform a new installation of Kick 2 1.05 , to exclude any corrupted file form the start download a fresh .zip from your SA account and use a trusty unarchiver tool like the free Keka.

  • Cleaning MacOS caches & repairing files permission is also something good to do once a while.

Yes it’s 10.0.2. I downloaded Kick2 during the Ableton Live 10 trial platform, then bought the license for 10 Live Standard last week. Is that maybe why it’s so glitchy? In any case I will try your suggestions.

Hmmm… Yes, that could be a reason, but normally, the trial version is the same as the licensed one, it’s just a matter of authorisation as what I know. If you still get this behaviour after resetting Live, then it would be good to uninstall the version you used during the trial and reinstall a fresh Live Standard downloaded from your Ableton account.

You could refer to this topic for a clean uninstall of Live :

I know it’s a bit of a pain, but the best way to troubleshoot this is to be sure to start right. MacOS can be sometimes very tricky as well, I hope it won’t be the case. :wink:

Let us know how things goes after Live & Kick 2 clean uninstall/reinstall.

Hi guys

So turns out this has all been a bug in LIVE 10

It’s resolved in the latest live 10.0.3 beta- hopefully they’ll push a fix out.

You can try the vst rather than the au to see if that helps

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