Problems with Minimal Tutorial

I have logged in and i’m able to watch the intro and drums tutorial but whenever i try to watch the others - say the bass tutorial the screen tells me that i am being re-directed and this then displays a page on subscriber benefits.

I have tried two different PC’s to no avail. Please could someone investigate and fix the problem.

Thanks very much.

it wont work for me either…

ive fixed this, but could you both let me know which browsers, and OS you are on?


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for fixing this issue - everything is working fine now. In answer to your question i’m using windows XP and Internet Explorer 8.

Hope this helps.

Hi guys

Can not download the sample pack or Ableton Project Files.

Any ideas?




this is now working

are you on Internet Explorer by any chance?

warren it appears to be the same problem - i tried it with internet explorer and it wouldn’t work but it works okay with the firefox browser.

Bryan any chance of fixing this.


its fixed!