Problems with scales!

Hey guys,

So I’m getting the hang of scales but in ableton as a safe guard I like to put the scales plugin on my midi tracks, kind of like stabilizers on a bike whilst your still getting to grasp with learning to ride it. I’m making a track currently in the key of A minor, but it seems that ableton’s scale plugin prevents all white keys being played (it makes every white note play perfectly like normal except for E & F which it makes sound identical). I’m right in saying that A Minor has all the white notes right? If so, is there a glitch in the scales plugin? I’m using A minor scale preset, I’ve tried minor harmonic preset still to no avail… I bet i’m doing something extremely re***ded haha!!

Yup, F sounds just like E when I do this too. Hmm, I’m confused.

OK, I figured it out. I think the preset is actually flawed. If you move the green square from the attached image up one note then it works fine. Good luck!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: will do that and re-save it