Problems with Sylenth

Hi guys and
Im having a little bit of trouble with Sylenth, which I’ve never tried before?br
I know you probably will tell me first thing first - to contact the Sylenth “Hotline”… But since they are not responding, I thought I’d put my trust in you
Anyways… here’s my
I am redoing a project, and I’ve loaded all of my files into a folder, Midi patterns and Patches for Sylenth to then load back in to Logic and do the project
And now, Here’s the kicker… one of the Patches are acting in such a way that when i press “insert New Instrument” in Logic Pro, the midi clip works fine, and plays as it
When I then go and change it to Sylenth it works fine with both the first preset and the Init preset… but as soon as I load up the patch from the previous project… the stab notes becomes more like pad sounds (Note: the midi clip does not change.)… it acts like you’ve put a large amount of Release on it… even when i Stop playing… it keeps on going strong? br
what should I do? have anyone else had this problem before?