Problems with techhouse arrangement


So i make/try to make techhouse ideas/loops

and i already had labels who mailed me to release my tracks

if i finished them… but there is my problem

i have a big problem with making a full track arrangement that stays interesting

Any tips or people who want to collab :slight_smile:

You got a soundcloud account or something where those labels listened to your snippets?

need to develope a workflow…what i liked to do is trying to recreate some made tracks and arrange them exacly as in the original track… i think that is a good excercize and it can give u alot of ideas…untill u dont get that concept in order, then its easy to “invest” time into the arragement and it will pay of in the end…thats my way maybe some1 got something better (i know they do) but it helped/is helping me

I can see your problem. Those are all 15sec snippets.

The idea of bringing in a track you like is a great help. I used to do that as well. And sometimes still if I want to get the same energy or feel.

Musically Tech House arrangement is different than other generes , because like techno . is just 1 or 2 bar loop that have to keep evolving . to do that listen and copy the arrangement of another Tech house track that u like . u will see that they are very small details that makes a tech house track more interesting . hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you guys !!! i will try to do that

If your having problems with arrangement bring a tune into you daw and follow its lay out.

That will give you an idea of where you need to put drops etc.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: also if there are people who like some of my ideas and want to work together on one of them , hit me up :slight_smile:

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thats a good idea! if i dropped a track into my daw as an audio file it just shows the waves of it. how can i get it so i can see the actual structure of the track??

Hey drusif, I’m afraid that’s just a case of listening to it and noting where (in bars) things happen / change. You can do this noting things down on paper - so, e.g. Bar 32 add bass, take away hats for one bar, etc OR your DAW (in Ableton you can do this) may allow you to add small notes on the timeline at the top.