Problems with the Forum


For some reason the last couple weeks everything i post keeps missing out majority of the spacing i put in and groups up all my text into one large body, ather than being spaced out so it’s easier to read!?

I’ve noticed others arn’t having this same problem however.

Also if i ever try to delete a post, what will happen is that it takes me back to the log in page, i’ll log in but it doesn’t do anything, i’ll physically have to click ‘forums’ on the left and i’ll find the post hasn’t deleted.

Also it would be great if the site had a ‘remember me’ tick box under the log in, so that i dont have to keep re-logging in each time.

It’s very frustrating because sometimes i leave the website up, then go to reply then it makes me log in again (i think there must be a time out setting on here).


^^^^^ it’s done it again!!

Look how i originally wrote it:

it could be something to do with your signiture!

try removing it and reposting see if it changes any

as for the log in difficulty we are aware of that will be implementing a better system in our update.

and regarding deleting your posts, i dont think users have privileges enough to do so at the min

again hopefully something we will be able to change in our update

Cheers mate.

I took away my signature and i’m still getting the issue?? :frowning: