Problems with warping in live 8!


I recently started watching Graham Ginty’s tutorials on how to DJ using Ableton Live 8. They were definitely helpful in making me understand the warping process and how to use effects to blend mixes beautifully, HOWEVER! I am having a problem warping some Popstep tracks that I would like to mix with some hard and electro house. I follow Graham’s instructions on warping from the very first beat of the track and then finding the last beat of the track and moving the gray marker to the nearest grid line but, for some reason, the track is not in tempo with the metronome :confused:

I would really appreciate any advice!


What’s the track and Ill have a wee look for you, see what the prob is.

have you considered the possibility of one having tempo changes and movement to the triplet grid?

i mean one of the track you want to mix