Processing vocals

any tips on that certain sparkle for sample vocals

at the mo i’m mainly just using eq and compression

the sort of fx i am after are quite popular with dnb and dubstep

examples would be :

- YouTube

Emalkay - When I Look At You - YouTube

any tips would be great, thanks!

Ok ‘tear you down’ has reverb and delay on it, it sounds possibly like a plate reverb maybe with a bit of room reverb? Play around with some reverbs till you get the sound you’re after.

‘when i look at you’ has a long delay which sounds like it’s also possibly looped as it goes on for aaaagggess.

I think that’s about it really, reverb and delay basicly lol

pretty sure there is a tut on the net that brookes bros did on making tear you down look on you tube

ah cool i was along the right lines there, thought there may have been a process i was missing, back to the tweaking :smiley: