Processing W***e

hi guys

i hear some producers say that this plug in or that plug in is a processing w***e… or this plug ins really light on the processing…

how do you work out which plug ins are the lightest processor users?

I dont understand your question. Can you please rephrase it?


how can you work out which plug ins use up the most processing power?

Here’s two ways:

  1. Look on the website / google for cpu usage of that particular plugin.
  2. Install it and use your computers CPU monitor to see what happens. In windows this can be achieved by load task manager and clicking on the performance tab. Google this for more info.

It really doesnt matter. You just use any of the plugins you have. You should obviously check the manufacturer website to check and see what the minimum system requirements are, however even if its a cpu hog, that doesnt mean you cant or should not use that plug.

If you have a plug in that is CPU intensive, get your bassline, lead, whatever down pat. Then resample it or freeze it and use the sound as audio from there on out. You can apply the same processing to it whether it is an audio file or a midi file. I will mention that I like to work with audio alot more then I like working with midi. I find it more flexible for how I make music too.

if you are on live you’ll be able to guess roughly how much in % a plug-in uses by monitoring the cpu usage at the top right of the screen

logic has its cpu monitor bottom middle

and this is the biggest Phore ive ever seen lol just download the demo and you’ll know what i mean fast multicore is recommended i would recommend at least 4 of those if you want to use it in a project