Prodcucer Sessions Live

I see that the Producer Sessions live event has been announced in both London and Manchester. As I’m from Manchesternbsp;I was thinking of attending and wondered if any of you had attended previous events and what you thought?. Seems good vale at £40 for the whole day for all arenas.

I would definately go - i went 3 years ago and thought it was
I am the kind of guy who always wants to ask lots of questions, so i ended up having direct conversations with some of the guest producers asking them about stuff they were showing in their productions. So it was brilliant to have this direct and specific dialogue with them, and a great learning
The only negative is that they always seem to have the same guest producers more or less every year - hence the reason i’ve not been for a couple of years, but i am going to go to the one in London this year again.

Thanks david, just got round to booking my tickets for the Manchester event today. Looking forward to it especially seeing Dom Kane.

Yeah i’ve booked up for the London
Should be good.

I went to their first one, maybe that was 3 years ago now? It was really good! I’d actually be quite interested in going again, not sure why I haven’t been again.