Producer Challenge - Make a track from one sample

OK this idea was basically stolen from another thread but i thought it was a good one and would suit this site.

You basicallly have to take the provided sample and turn it into a track (or the start of one)

It doesn’t matter what you do, you just have to use that sample so anything can go and you can work with it in whatever way you like, just a long as the sound source you are using is that sample.

Ok here is the sample:

I’ll post up something i’ve done with it soon as poss, please all get involved, will be great to hear what you come up with! :smiley:

Phil / Paul - you guys too :wink: :wink: :wink:

hey roben that link just brings me to a quicktime player can you post the wav:)

[quote]egg2 (2/1/2009)[hr]hey roben that link just brings me to a quicktime player can you post the wav:)[/quote]

It will probs open in your internet explorer/firefox/etc like it did with me yeah? If it does just go to File then click on Save Page As

Ok this is what i’ve done so far, levels still need working but its just a quick something to prove it can be done :wink:

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The sample covered my sub, bass, lead and stab

Come on guys, i’m not asking for works of art haha, we’re all perfectionists I know but come on, uploadies! You can perfect it later, even mine was a shoddy 2 hour work haha.

hi roben i just use quick time player free version so it wont let me down load sample if you could post wav ill defo give it a pop !:slight_smile:


Hey buddy how are you mate, its been a while.

I saw your post on facebook and thought I would have a bash!

I spent precisely 60 minutes on it so its as rough as a badgers butt - please forgive me!

So heres the linky:

Its 1 minute and 20 or so seconds the last ten is just the sample on its own with all the edits.

So what did I do?

Produced in ableton live. All effects use the pre packaged audio effects. I added a beat, filtered bass and a catchy riff which I thought went with the sample.

The sample has been sliced and warped.
I downsampled the sample, added chorus a dash of flange, a sprinkling of ping pong and two filters.

All tracks compressed and limited including the master. 127 bmp.

Hope you like. Keep in touch


Nice work Carl! Really like what you have done with it, it’s great to see what people come up with. Hope more people will submit something.

Can I ask, the first half of the track, is it a white noise your using over it (that airy sound)?

Are you still over in Japan?

Yep white noise, ping ponged a little reverb, important to keep volume low and use filters. Flanging white noise can completely change the mood of a tracks

Glad you liked it - like I say 60 minutes and rather fun :smiley:

I am in Hong Kong… lot of fun out here however music scene is not quite the same as home - I still play out - have a gig @ a mansion in Thailand soon which will be a lot of fun. Hit me up on facebook/skype when you have a mo.

hey dude would like to get involved in this but currently working on a track and really getting stuck into it so hopefully after i finish i may give it a go, but it is a good idea see what other sonic members come up with.

cheers david

another way to create atmosphere is say add a lot of reverb/delay on an instrument, say a symbol. then record it. then import the recording as a sample and take a snapshot of the echo/delay/reverb filter it and loop at your favourite spot and some new effects to it and you have atmosphere… do the same to voice. You can also create wicked effects by say reversing that echo and then adding ping pong - you can go for ages creating cool sounds

I’m game, this sound like fun. Love what you guys achieved with the sample so far -i am going to upload my track in a couple of hours though it may not be of the same quality as yours :wink:


How is everyone doing with this?

Doesn’t have to be a full track and doesn’t need to be any longer than 2 mins. Doesn’t even have to be perfect, it’s a bit of fun.

Better late than never huh, my one sample endevor got a bit out of hand -and I ended up making an entire track. - I must admit that I cheated a little, the kick, white noise and the radio sample in the intro is something that i decided to get good samples for instead.

All in all it was a fun process! -I’m still quite new at this but i really liked how one creativity was forced into certain boundries in this challenge. Thumbs up to Roben for making the thread, I really learned a lot!

Cheers from Denmark

/Steffan Poulsen - fa·tigue

It’s the track called “Death and destruction” by the way!

Nice work bro! Good to see someone else putting something in to the bowl, hope this inspires others to follow suit.

Really liked what you done with this, can tell you put a fair bit of effort into this.

Maybe we could try another one with a new sample!?

Thanks m8, I’m definately up for another go at one-sample productions. Would be nice if a few more of our fellow forums users pitched in as well. -maybe we should run an ad campaign :slight_smile: