Producer Sessions LIVE

Has anyone seen this in the latest FM Mag?

They’re selling tickets right now for a live event in London with world class demonstrations as well as a series of lectures. So far they’ve arranged classes from Freemasons, Danny Byrd, Dave Spoon, Alex Blanco & Jon Carter, London Elektricit and Tommy D and have a host of other production stars TBC.

It’s being done by both FM and CM mags.

This looks AWESOME!!

Who else is going?? It’s on September 25th-26th, anyone fancy coming along??

I’m going to go up on the Saturday.

i was gonna post this same thing too. thinking about going myself. would like to see the freemasons and the like doing a track. think you have to pay extra for each demonstartion by one of the top producers though. not much, a fiver or something.

ive got so muc going on in september i was contemplating whether to go or not but sod it im gonna go.

just booked tickets for the day and to see the tommy d, dave spoon and freemasons demos :wink:

who else coming?

I’ve got a lot on in sept too, i just get back from ibiza on the 20th, start my new course on the 21st, so i’m going to be really broke that weekend but think i should really get down!!

We should arrange a big SA meet :slight_smile:

I’ve just booked!

1 x SATURDAY DAY TICKET @ £8.00 each

1 x 12:00-12:45 DAVE SPOON @ £4.00 each

1 x 15:00-15:45 A BLANCO & J CARTER @ £4.00 each

1 x 16:30-17:15 FREEMASONS @ £4.00 each


I wonder if you guys could possibly arrange to get your team down to do demonstrations? Would also give you great exposure and hopefully more members?

Otherwise, maybe you could still just pop along?

jpgetty2win delete your inbox, it’s full lol

This ought to be interesting… :wink:

So is no one else coming??

Jon you’re near London arn’t you? Not fancy it?

I plan to go with another friend of mine who will also stare gormlessly at equipment we can’t afford and talk to people about algorithms and frequencies which we don’t understand. Heaven!

Haven’t decided which day yet though

**** me im in the US :frowning: anyone know something litk this in the US?