Producing a tune in a day

The amount of time it takes to put into producing a track from scratch I really can’t see how it’s possible to finish a track in a day as some people claim.

Not to mention that your ears need regular rest from the track.

Is there something I’m not ‘getting’ here? How do people do it? Is the standard/quality of the production really going to be any good with only a days work?

Thats funny Roben - just finished a remix which I had forgot all about as its being released tomorrow

Started Friday night and just finished 20 minutes ago

It was an interesting way to work as I had to put all my knowledge to the test - without much experimentation

I took lots of breaks - made sure I did not stay up all night and did not worry to much about it

Sometimes a tune just flows out of one self - but very rarely :wink:

But starting a tune from scratch is a lot harder - well for me anyway

Yeah a remix takes less time for sure, but it’s not just the ideas I’m talking about, it’s the finishing touches, the automation, the little bits here and there such as EQing, effects on each chain and just getting everything to sit right generally (mixing), not to mention checking what it sounds like on different systems just to test that it’s fine.

I’m mixing a track i’ve been working on and that alone has taken me hours as it’s a pretty complex track.

Yeah I agree the mixing part can be the most time consuming - however I presume the more experincd producer knows exactly what they are doing right from the start and mixes as they go along