Producing in Audio 8 Native Instruments


Some time ago I was told I can use my Audio 8

After been learning, studying and reading some technical issues new doubts have came to my mind, so I would like to ask for your advice in the following:

First of all note that my setup is a MacBook Pro with Audio 8, Maschine, Kore 2, Komplete 8 and Adam A7X as speakers. So I have been producing some tracks, my issue is that when I render the audio to WAV the audio is not the best one. Of course I know that after producing the next step is the mastering … BUT… I was told by someone who has a professional studio in place that if I want have a better quality I need to include in my set up a mixer and a recorder. I mean that the Audio 8 would be connected to a mixer and the RCA outs of this latter to a recorder, e.g. a Tascam DR40. … IS THIS RIGHT? IF SO, WHY?

I dont see why you couldnt keep it all digital? A lot of people do and they get just fine (great…) sound?br
The only reason that I can think of is if you have any specific hardware / outboard gear you want to ‘color’ the sound like a specific compressor or mixer… Just running it through analog outputs doesnt achieve anything by itself I think?br
When you say the sound isnt great what do you mean? Is it fine until you render it? Or is it that you are missing a mastering step? Heres a link to the SA mastering series :br