Producing music using a Keyboard (Piano like)

Hey guys! how are u today…

These are my very first steps in producing music, therefore do not laugh if I ask a dumb question please :slight_smile:

Ive been watching the module one for producing music using Cubase, and in the very beginning there is this VST INSTRUMENTS

If i dont have a keyboard (this cool piano keyboard) i am not able to produce music? or there is another way using this VST without using a keyboard.

Thank you! i hope i am not mistaken and this is the right forum to look for help,

Dan :slight_smile:

I think the keyboard you’re talking about is a master keyboard , this keyboard can’t produce sounds and is not linked to one specific vst synth , it can work with every vst plugins you get

You don’t really need to get one , but it’s very useful when you want to test a sound you’ve just chosen in your synth (vst ) because you don’t have to write down the notes in the midi editor

I hope it can help you ! let me know…

sorry for my english

If you use ableton you can actually use your keyboard (that you type on) to play notes. It’s never going to be as good as an actual keyboard (that you play) but it’s an alternative. Not sure if Cubase has this option.

I personally think that a midi keyboard should be one of the first things (if not THE first thing) you should buy when producing music. I couldn’t live without mine.

It’s not essential though, I got by without one for ages, I just drew the notes in to whatever software I was using.

You can pick up a very basic MIDI keyboard off ebay these days for very little money.

yeah I toally agree wih bouffont , I used to write notes manually by using the midi editor until I bought a midi keyboard ,

so I would say it’s a good investment if you want your workflow to be improved and you know how to play the piano

Cubase can record notes played with a midi keyboard :

you set the Keyboard as your “MIDI in” in your track and then the VST instrument ( Nexus , Sylenth , anything else… ) you are wishing to use as your “MIDI out” and you click the “record button” if you want to listen to what you’re playing ( and record eventually )

I hope it’ll help you !

Depending on your style I’d recommend doing a bit of reading about chord structure. I also find picking other peoples tunes apart helped me work out what sounds good and what sounds awful. Getting a MIDI keyboard is much much easier for playing with chords.

i to this day still have no midi keyboard!

i just draw the notes in