Production advice / help with mix down logic x

Hi guys,

I have just started making music again (prog trance) & have tried to create a new production using the advice from the Jaytech Tigerlily course. I think I have strong parts but can’t for the life of me make a good intro pluck that works with this track. I am also massively struggling with mixing so everything has clarity.

Would anyone be willing to help me with this? If so let me know and i will upload the track.


Hey there @thomasblunden-disqus

If you have Facebook, it might be a better place than the forums to post this, Sonic Academy is hosting a Private Discussion Group on FB that you can join using the link below ( don’t forget to answer the 2 questions about DAW & Favorite Music during the join request so that me or an admin can grant you access ). If you don’t have FB, let me know by replying here & I will make a post in the FB group & link it here.

FB Group : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

For the pluck sound design, you can also ask Phil from S.A team to recreate/design a sound using ANA 2, if you give him a sound example of what exactly you’re after from a reference track : could be a YT link pointing at a specific time frame in the video where the sound you’re looking for is recognizable.

S.A team is now hosting a weekly Live stream on their YT channel, and Phil will be glad to help with sound design using ANA 2 if he can. You can also submit a link to your entire mix and it could be picked up for a review & feedback during the live stream, for this and the mail where to submit your links & sound design request, read this thread on the forums :

Sonic Live Stream :

Hi again @thomasblunden-disqus

Look, this is really not what I was expecting reading your initial post here.

This track you posted on FB sounds too close & inspired from the Jaytech “Tigerlilly” Remix Competition that is running now on Sonic Academy. The bass line is obvious, the key of the track & certain melodic elements too.

It is absolutely forbidden to upload remixes for this competition on any medias by Sonic Academy to comply with the remix competition rules & agreement. That’s a first point. So IMO, not a wise choice & time for this specific track.

2nd point is that full links to track & mixes is considered as self promotion and not allowed in the group.

What you could do is first post in the Track Feedback dedicated category on the forums and paste the forum’s post link into your post in the FB group, but no direct Sndcld link and again, not very suitable track at the moment of the remix comp.

Thank you

Okay thanks,

It’s not a remix. I was literally trying to get some feedback on what elements I was missing, how I can improve mix down, so i need to layer some synths etc.

But I will try and post on track feedback



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Hey there Tom,

Yes, I do understand it’s not really a remix but the track takes too much similar elements from the Jaytech one, so that’s confusing in terms of originality and there are some rules about what you can do or not with the resources available from any S.A tutorials and especially when the tutorial & track is part of a Remix Competition, there’s additional rules restrictions that apply. There’s a Record Label release involved in each Remix Competition, if the label find out that people upload very similar tracks or pseudo-remix on medias, they won’t be very happy with it and it could lead them to decide not getting involved again in a new Remix Competition.

The other point which was confusing is simply what you asked in your original post on FB, writing something like " I don’t know where to go" and putting a link to a full track might look to others that you were just trying to promote the track and we don’t allow this in the group. You need to be more specific & point people to issues you’re having with your track, just like you did above.

I don’t want to be the bad guy playing by the rules here Tom, it’s not fun to do & really not my spirit when it comes to moderation here or in the FB group, but yeah, sometime the border between “do” & “don’t” is very thin.

I will edit your post in the “Track Feedback” and add details from your previous post to it, then in the FB group what I suggest is to either edit or delete your initial post and replace it with the comment & link from the “Track Feedback” post here.

So basically, just copy/paste this as your initial FB post or delete it and make a new one with this, hopefully it will avoid more confusion. Again, not here to bash people, just trying to help :wink:

Cheers !

Hi there all,

I would like some feedback & advice on this track. This is not a
Remix, just a new idea after following the Jaytech “Tigerlily” tutorial
as a starting point.

What elements do you think are missing ?
Do you think it needs more layers, some synths, etc ?
How I can improve the mix down ? ( the track sounds flat to me ).