Production advice needed


I’ve got this vocal that i’m working on at the moment, it’s actualy going to be my first remix. Anyways there is a part that goes “…deep down inside, deep down inside my soul” and i want to extend the “o” part so that it goes into a constant “ooooooooooooooo” (not a loop sound or a time stretch (sounds slow), just ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo as one sound) and then get this other vocal part i have to loop, steadily looping as if i’m looping on a CDJ, then speeding and building up the loop (with the ooooo sound in the background) till it becomes white noise and an almighty crash then BOOOM into all my kicks, basslines, etc again for one final dance-a-thon :smiley:

If any of that made sense??

How do I get the ‘o’ to be a constant sound? Also any advice on acheiving the whole outcome would be most appreciated!

Much respect :hehe:

Ok guys someones recommended me this, I’ve just checked out the youtube link and it’s freeking awesome!!

Check this out guys:

Melodyne - Direct Note Access - YouTube

Someone also recommended paulstretch but i’ve not looked into that yet.

Looks like it’s great for working the pitch and key of vocals as well (phil :wink: )

Ok Melodyne is £200

Paulstretch is FREE - PaulStretch 1.024 review and download

Melodyne is freeking awesome though, i’m defo going to invest in this as i suggest all of you should too. Very great program for superior audio manipulation by the looks of things.

For now i’m going to have to use Paulstretch lol

Ive actually used melodyne a lot in the past…

check Phil Johnston (philterino) on Myspace the annie lennox remix…

i changed the key of the entire vocal from major to minor the original was very happy and i wanted to darken it… its off the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Melodyne can be very fiddly to use but the results are amazing