Production Equipment

Just starting up…

Downloaded Ableton and know I need a keyboard - suggestions for keyboard? Also any other suggestions in terms of equipment for production beginner…Appreciate it. Looking to do house.

TBH if you are completly new - learn Ableton before you spend anything - sure a keyboard is usefull but at this stage not essential

The most useful production tool is you :slight_smile:

When starting out I say the most important thing is to learn your DAW, once you have that down I would say next is to invest in a good set of monitors what you could pick cheap up for around £250 if you go with something like krk’s or alike. Can’t say I ever use my midi keyboard if I am honest as find it slows me down.

No point in spending big money on all the gear you think you need, take your time and learn your DAW and learn what you do need!


[quote]slender (29/01/2011)[hr]

The most useful production tool is you :)[/quote]

Did you just call him a tool :unsure:

learn albeton, this program is insane, im pretty sure soon someone’s going to be able to launch a spaceship with it… and keyboards aren’t essential at all, computer keyboards force you to create something different too :smiley:

unless yer a piano whizz dont worry about a keyboard yet

and if ye do get one make sure it has lots of knobs and faders for midi control

advil - works wonders if your head starts hurting from staring at the computer all day (and night) long :wink:

Remember you can key map your computer keyboard just like a midi-controller, i have tracks 1-9 mapped to numbers 1-9 then the 3 letters below each number relate to different fx on each track then when you run out of letters use the shift function.

i agree with the others, a keyboard is probably one of the last things u need. just keep messing with and learning ableton. watch lots of videos, read and look on youtube for little tips too. youll soon pick alot up. oh also buy future music magazine every month!, this is where i learnt 95% of my DAW music making, i was using a portastudio 4 track tape machine before… lol

get the axiom 25 keyboard by m-audio to at least get you buy.

.[quote]jpgetty2win (30/01/2011)[hr]i was using a portastudio 4 track tape machine before… lol[/quote]

Haha! :smiley: I used to have one of these basic bad boys. Was great until it fkn broke :hehe:

Used to love it. Want to buy another old 4track like that again, but have been pipped at the post a few times. They are still pricey enough

Porta 03

Ahhh the good old days when things were less complicated - I still want a reel to reel

My Uncle used to record to a VCR in his studio??! Had a Fostex R2R too, but I think he used to use it a bit.

Think I seen something about that in a vid on YT once. Cheaper!! and easier to service / throw in the bin :smiley: