Prog Breaks

This is an old project I had lying around which needed some work, and I thought it had some potential! I’m starting to get tracks in a more completed state instead of leaving them without FX etc. which I’m happy about, not happy that I only get about 5hours sleep a night but what ever :stuck_out_tongue: if you’re into prog breaks let me know how this one goes down, enjoy:

D05 - dkZee by d-aRe

Glad you went back and redid it, cause you were right, that track had a lot of potential. Really entertaining listen dude.

Good job with this.

Where did you get the vocals from?


Thanks a lot dude, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


cheers man, the vocal is from a sample pack (Waveform Recordings - Glitched Vocals 2)

Found it randomly and it fitted in perfectly with my track! :w00t:

not my favourite one of yours mate, but top work with the vocal chops. especially after about half way through. That synth lead is class too!

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Thanks dude, glad you enjoyed! that lead is from sylenth1, really wanted to get that crunchy electric guitar sound! I have some breakbeat label contacts and will be sending this over to see what they think, thanks for the push ;]

about time you had some of this stuff released dude, i think youre there, musically atleast :slight_smile: