Prog Trance Sounds

Hi iv been learning to produce for about 12 months now and after getting my head around the theory and getting familiar with ableton and plug in synths im now looking to build up my arsenal of sounds. i was wondering if any1 knew of any good sample packs for prog trance anjuna style. So mainly something packed with modern trance sounding risers and effects. I hav VES 1,2 an 3 which is great for drum samples but any additional atmosphere loops or effect samples would be great.

Also any sound banks for sylenth or massive for bassline or lead/riffs. I want to create my own sounds eventually but at present find it much more beneficial having a preset to start with then chipping away at the sound myself.

Thanks alot guys

vengeance also do some great FX sample packs.

There are tons of sylenth sound packs but im not sure i remember any that particularly stood out for progressive stuff.

Have you trued the ANA Demo some nice stabs, plucks and pads in there.

Sonic Academy ANA - Shimmer Stab by SonicAcademy ANA

Sonic Academy ANA - Modern Lift Lead by SonicAcademy ANA

ANA PADS 1 by SonicAcademy ANA

Cheers Phil got vengeance effects downloading as we speak an yes i hav purchased ANA and true it does have sum great presets i can tweak myself an i cetainly will b doing so.

Many Thanks