Programing drums

hey guys im new to sonic academy and pretty new to production. im using logic pro 9.

im trying to make some techno beats but am struggling programming the drums. i can do the standard kick, snare closed and open hats but the kind of music i wanna make

(adam beyer style drumcode) always has loads of crazy hi hats that come in and i cant figure out what or where to use them.

some times it sounds like there getting like 4 hits in between the kick. i asume there using different sounds aswell, ive spent hours trying things out in ultrabeat but dont come close.

can anyone recommend so good drum mapping techniques or midifiles i can check out to the typical patterns there using?



What I tend to do is keep the kick straight on the markers, while shifting all other elements a bit earlier or later.

Are you also using reverb and delay returns? And a proper amount of distortion?

thanks for the reply, tried shifting a few of them left and right. not added any reverb or delay yet as didnt have the actual sound right initiialy.

listening to some stuff today it sounds like the go…kick, maybe tom, hi hat, hi hat.

looking at ur picture there it looks like u have a couple of hat rolling in the 1 bar??

have you checked out the tech house 2011 and tribal drums courses? both focus on creating the type of drum grooves you are after.

I have certainly used rolling hats.

But don’t forget to use the Rides as well. Techno often makes use of rides. You can load a rides sample to look how they’re programmed or try it yourself.

Play with the decay, placing 4 or 8 in a 4 beat bar. Adjusting the sidechain and reverb.