Progressive Breaks

After coming back from holiday I’ve been edging to jump on my laptop and start producing!

It’s pretty much finished, even managed to put some FX and drum breaks in for once(still no mixdown), check it out and feel free to leave feedback, it would be good to know where to make improvements…

D05 - Morobi by d-aRe


nice track, bit on z long side but very pleasant to listen to, not sure what you could do to make it better, i dont really have a clue whats going on the breaks scene anymore…

thanks man, time just slipped by on this one and when I realised it was nearly 10mins… guilty as always :w00t:

ohhh, where do i start. this tune has some serious DRIVE. I love it! very well produced and it’s very refreshing from the typical progressive and breaks sound of today. reminded me of if prydz did a kickass breaky stomper! Definitely keep this style rollin man, this tune is HOT.:cool:

thanks a lot Verbala, my favourite type of music to produce is always something that has a prominent bassline, for me it’s always an important thing as that’s one of the main things I want to drive the track :w00t:

not to say I don’t want to/haven’t produced other tracks with bass not being the top priority, I just love proggy BASS :smiley:

very nice one :slight_smile: good job!

thanks man glad you liked :Wow: