Progressive/chillout/tech house

New Prog House Chillout Sample :slight_smile: by DeanKenny

thanks lads

Not really my genre mate, very progressive but I do like it. Sound good. Cant hear much in the way of bass however but maybe that what you where going for?

yeah i just tried to layer up notes to get a bit of as out of it, but dont want to get it real deep or anything, just an easy listin:)

thanks man

any other feedback/?


i really liked this but i think iā€™d like more of a bassline too :wink:

thinkso? yeh maybe ur both right! ill try and make one and let u no wen its done!

I think its worthy of further work - you can feel it building up nicely towards the end. I think the next step is to create your main breakdown. Its obviously meant to be a more laidback track so decide how much you want to build then create your main breakdown. You have most of the elements already there, add some further percussion perhaps after a main break, mess with the synth lines etc and your home and dry :slight_smile:

One thing I would comment on is the claps. There seems to be an extreme swing setting on them or else shifted quite a bit forward in the timeline. This works really well after the break but it sounded like some of the hits were coming in too quickly from about 30sec to 1min?

That synth line is too quite when it drops in, has no real impact. Can hear it building again toward the end tho, maybe if it was long could get an idea of where your going with it but as it is its not loud enough.

oh yeh there is load of work to be done, i only have the first breakdown in place, im workin on a nice clicky bass now and the 2nd long breakdown! i think your right about the claps they were too forward in the timeline for the first min for some reason :S bu dats in place now :cool:

obviously a load of tweaks etc but the bass was a good call, didnt want to use one because i wanted to keep it laidback as you know!

hey, i dont think the bassline would need to be particularly busy in this track just maybe two well defined notes in the right places, a busy one might distract fromt he beauty of hte rest of it, but anyway just a suggestion, try a few things see what you come up with :slight_smile:

I like it, very chilled! Like what Ekko said though I wouldnt get too busy with the bassline, I think it would ruin it if you do.

Yeh i was thinking that myself, i didnt want to take away the main sound yano! but i made a nice bass hopefully it will work, ill post up the new updated one ina while!

This is nice bro but defo needs more of a bassline, i know you were going for chillout, but quite a lot of chill has some really groovy subby basslines that just really bring out the track and have such a nice feel to them.

This is all it needs, that deep subby bassline to really get things going along :slight_smile: