Progressive House/Breaks, underground dance music

I would like to see a tutorial on Progressive house/ breaks, such as:

Electrik 02 cds, King Unique and NuBreed

Headland - Nitefall (Vance musgroove remix)

Jeff Bennet - Front Spiral (Dave robertson remix)

Saying Sasha because all though he might not be the worlds number 1 DJ according to a poll, he is still and has been for a long time one of the best DJ’s, remixer’s, and producer’s of all time. His sounds are so warm and have such a presence and everything flows really nicely.

Some best examples would be from his Involver CD’s:

The Youngsters - Smile

Adam parker & Sasha - Lowlife

Sasha - 3 little piggys

And his own

Magnetic North, Golden Arm, Cloud Cuckoo, Boiler room (THE BASS IS KILLER)

Just some examples of a couple styles of dance music that haven’t been covered yet.