Progressive House Idea

Come up with some ideas for a new progressive house track I am working on. Its not really finished, but I think I have most things ready to really fine tune everything a bit more, but interested on any opinions at this point.

Besides the drums I have made all the sounds by using ANA or Rob Papens Blade as synth sources. The vocals sound pretty rough, as I just talked a bit of nonsense over it, trying to be dark and moody, almost like fantasy land like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. I will try to re-do these properly at a later point whenever I can get to a mic to record them properly instead of using my mac mic and throwing a ton of effects over it to hide how bad it is recorded.

Would love some opinions on anything, THanks!

Made a few updates to this, and got closer to a final finished tune here. After A/Bing my tune with proper tracks I noticed I had got it loud enough but it was missing all weight in the Bass and Kick. I used Quivver - Remember as a reference tune, its so fat the bass in that tune. So I made some changes here and there, trying to get the same weight on the low end. It got better, not quite at Quivver levels yet.

Any feedback?

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