Progressive house remix

Hi guys I’m new to this forum just wondering what you guys think of this remix I’m working on. I understand that its still needs alot of work, just would likes one constructive feedback
Thanks guys

first time i listened to it, i thought: that sounds very much like every breath you take, but then i read the title ^^.

am far away from knowing anything helpful about vocals but to me they sound misplaced, they are too loud and not really playing well together with the instruments. probably somebody with more experience can point out what exactly isn’t working here.

for the song itself, it lacks of character for me. yea i’m old and i have a different taste, but this is too close to the original for me. where is the new and unique thing you are bringing to the table? just changing the guitar to saw waves and some chopping here and there doesn’t do it. maybe you should explore that first, how to transform this iconic chord progression/melody into something in your face unique and make it your own. loop the sequence, drink some beers or take one of these hashish pills and play around for a few hours with various synthesizers and variations of the melody to find a new, unique approach to it.

unrelated to that: ‘the key’ and ‘I wana know’ and ‘minimix’ are really good. of course, very niche and 20 years after it was mainstream but for that niche it’s really nicely done. more of that por favor. especially the ‘minimix’ starting at 7:08. that sounds like 90s midweek evenings 4 am tresor or stellwerk, berlin. so simple, but it works extremely well.

Thanks for the constrictive feedback mate. Still very much in the learning process so always nice to get some feedback.

I want to hear it, but it’s unavailable now.