Progressive House Track - My First!

I’d love some feedback on this track, especially how it sounds in a good environment on flat speakers. So any feedback about the volume levels of elements, its overall tonal quality, and especially the mix and master.



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Find the overall balance of the track good, all different elements are well mixed together and there’s a good clarity although you might want to rise your low end a bit.

Find the Mid range around 250 and 900 Hz to be quite pronounced, it helps with overall clarity but might take over on some low end, might help to lower those elements or to use an EQ on your master channel to test what happens with the low end if you pull down this frequency range a bit before playing with low end levels.

Sounds better on Headphones ( with Sonarworks correction ) and getting a bit more low end.
Can’t say it sounds bad on monitors but also not in a treated room here, so more difficult to judge this.

You might want to push this track a bit more in the stereo field as well, missing some feel of space and dimension here, it sounds good and clear but not huge if that makes any sense.

But yeah, nice work overall :+1: Although I’m not listening in a perfect room.

Keep it up ! :sunglasses:

Thanks for this. I noticed the weak low end playing in on some other speakers, back to back with some of my reference tracks, which I realize are mastered, so not totally apples to apples, but certainly something that needs a fix. I’m glad you think the elements are mixed together and that you noted the clarity. I wasn’t sure whether I had too much saturation and Reverb / Delay on some of the individual channels and the busses.

Really appreciate the feedback, will definitely look at the mids as well, and widening some of the elements to create more space.

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