Progressive House Track

By the time I was into the arrangement I realised the chords I used were the same as PJANOO :crazy:

Check it out and please leave some feedback:

DR - Live (2nd EDT) by d-aRe



love when the intial bassline and melody come in has a sweet groove and is different… in my opionion u take all that away and **** on it for that 8th note pumping sound! get rid of the 8th notes that dont come in initiallly and arrange those chords to fit that sick groove! :slight_smile:


Nice feedback, brutal honesty :w00t:

I’ll remove the 8th notes and have a play with the 3simple chords… I’m glad you said it because I may not have thought of doing it!

Thanks for checking it out mate :Wow:


fair play mate, thats nice.

its not completley obvious that there the same chords, youve made it your own

check out my first bit of production, its progressive house… but more dark and pumpin :slight_smile:

Boxer - Dancing In The Dark (original mix) unmastered by BOXER (dj & producer)

Not my usual style but really flows nicely. Catchy riff and nice use of automation to keep it from going stale

Well put together