Progressive house tune

Been a while since i’ve been on here as been spending more time on djing than producing but here’s a new progressive house tune i’ve made. It’s not quite finished yet but would appreciate some good or bad feedback to hopefully make it a better track. Thanks

Stream Moody - New Prog House tune by Moodizzle | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Kinda liked the track but had a few things I found ruined it just a bit.

One thing is that the way you “drop” the track is the same both times and more importantly the drop doesnt have an impact that a track like this needs (IMO anyway, and when I say impact I mean on the listener, not an actual impact, though that might help it). What I would do is for the second drop let the track stop for a second or two and then bring the track in, it’d give variety and the drop will be more noticeable than just the kick coming in on its 4 on the floor pattern.

Second thing is some bits sounded disonant, especially that last minute…?

Thanks for the reply. I’m not really happy with the sections leading into the drops but I will work on this as well as the drop to make it a bit more interesting. I’m not sure what has happened towards the end but I will try and tweak it.

I will take on board your comments and will post an update in the next few days