Hi people.

Lets start discuss about PROGRESSIVE HOUSE Tutorials, like the best artist like JEROME ISMA-AE


Vince. :slight_smile:

+1 on this :slight_smile:

x3,really loving portmans stuff at the mo also …nice and driving

well… if sonic academy would make tutorial for every house producer… there will be only house tutorials… and i hope i am not speaking only for my self, when i say, there is another music, than house too:)

Absolutely… Jermoe and Portman are both amazing producers - would love to see some progressive tutorials - moderators take note!!!

Looking forward to the section on cultivating an inflated sense of one’s own importance, which segues unnoticeably into the section on expanding the potential length of tracks beyond 13 minutes and recording cliched, troubled girl, indie vocals and remixing Depeche Mode 400 times.

I hate what Progressive House has become, post Transeau, Blue Amazon, Breeder and Fluid recs etc etc. Even that bloody Little Fluffy Recs :smiley:

The old stuff like Cardiac Swing’s A Little Bit of Money, Atlas’ Compass Error, Nicky Hunter’s Infatuation and Suggestive’s Advances were sexy and a bit more club focused. Even the intentionally trippy bits like Rejuvination’s Requiem or Void’s No Stoppin’ had a certan sexiness.


:sick: progressive … sorry guys but I do hope that the next tut won’t be about that.:slight_smile:

i m in for portman and jerome aswell:)

[quote]highfy (03/09/2009)[hr]:sick: progressive … sorry guys but I do hope that the next tut won’t be about that.:)[/quote]


Just because you like dubstep/breaks/dnb doesnt mean that everyone else can have their fill. I think they will make another Electro tutorial (which is too much IMO), a progressive tutorial, and a tutorial on Dubstep.

Personally I would love to see a Gabriel & Dresden tutorial.