Progressive House

This track was made in about 4hours, I started from scratch and used initialised presets with sylenth1, tried testing my synthesis skills (not that great!) as I am normally a preset prince who tweaks and never creates, these are very simple patches with some minor envelope/ pitch/phase modulation going in…

Enjoy and comments more than welcome:

D05 - Subtractive Synthesis by d-aRe

For a 4 hour track this is absolutely amazing!

And I think your a lot better at synthesis than you think. That guitary sound was really cool especially…

Favourited it on Soundcloud (or will do when I post this :P)


Thanks for the big up man, glad you liked! I tried not to think about making those complex patches that you get in the preset bundles and went for simple saw/square combinations…

Nice one :wink:

Wicked track. Amazing for the time it took you to complete. Funny how some times things just work out like that. :slight_smile:

Cheers man, I know what you’re saying… One of my recent tracks that’s getting released started as a Saturday morning messing about :w00t:

nice one