Progressive House

Alot of you might disagree with me but i have to make this point!!

I used to love progressive house, back in the days of unreal Deadmau5, Prydz, Wippenberg, Adam K, Michael Woods and the overall prog sound of 2008-10…

But i think snce SHM-One came out and did so well, EVERYONEEEE just has the same sound trying to copy alot of the ideas of SHM (saying that, alot of people did the same with the Deadmau5 8 Bit melody) and now progresive house has become so predictable…

Now in 2012 i think its full of big predictable layerd saw sounds with a pitch dive or stutter in the middle of the meody, with a build up and a terriblely flat drop…

Saying that, i went to ibiza and worked for 9 weeks last summer and really started to like Tech/Deep house (Jamie jones/maya/troxler/taleofus) and im starting to listen to it alot more latey rather than progressive since it varies so much.

Im not sure if my music taste is changing or if Prog house is now terrible and dying out just like trance and making way for Deep/tech house (bit of an exageration definitley) hahaha


The deep-tech-minimal style of the artists you listed is hot at the moment as far as underground house goes. You just have to look at Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJs for 2011 to see what’s trending, and you’ll notice those artists way up there:

[url=]Feature articles & interviews ⟋ RA

As far as the genre-shift in popularity, I think it just depends where in the world you party. I’m sure Trance and Prog House is preferred in some places, but - maybe I’m wrong - it seems Ibiza and festivals like the BPM festival feature the circuit of artists that RA lists. Just different scenes I suppose.

As you grow older your taste will change in most cases. In food, in literature, but also in music.

Yeah maybe your both right,

I just think the prog sound a few years ago was so much better!

dont get me wrong though, i do like prog house,

I think Eric Prydz is actually sensational! along with Avicci and esspecially Arty!

Hey everyone,

Forum noob here, said Id better introduce myself before I comment, :hehe:

I feel exactly what deanmau5 is saying, I am a massive prog-house fan myself and I have watched it be diluted and polluted over the past couple of years and just before I give up and say “fcuk this genre im done” I go listen to some of the real stars of prog-house (people on lables like Yo****oshi & Audio Therapy ect…) Dave Seaman’s web site and Audio Therapy podcasts( are amazing and always remind me that the old guard are still keeping this genre alive for the purists!!!

I think the explosion of dance culture in the US has a lot to do with the big trancey house style.

people always flock where the gigs (money) is.

Its gone really commercialised since Guetta took over

good and bad i suppose, atleast everyone is starting to appreciate dance music

I must say thought, as terrible as prog house has gone,

I think Seb Ingrosso & Alesso’s ‘Calling’ was one of the best tracks of 2011