Progressive House


Hello guys, I’ve been using some vocals samples in my productions, I’m having some tricky fun trying to warp them without making them sound so… warped?

The track is at 128 and the vocals are 135 using Ableton Live 8. Once loading the vocal in I’m manually setting the BPM of the vocal from double clicking the wav sample to 135. I then click “Warp” to remove and click it again. This sets the BPM to 128, but its still not in time so I use warp markers (very badly) to try and fix it.

This is how is turned out, you can hear some discrepancies, let me know what you think so far anyway…


this could be a really cool club hit mate, enjoyed the snippets :slight_smile:

mate why don’t you post the track once you’ve done a proper arrangement and mix, then we can really comment properly on everything.

the track sounds good though - only thing i would say is that i think the arp is too loud and upfront in the mix as it drowns out the vocal a little - i think the vocal would be better a little louder and more upfront to carry the track, with the arp pushed back in the mix a little.

apart from that, good sound though. now work your *** off to arrange the track and let’s hear the full thing.

i didn’t hear any major problems with the warping/timing of the vocal!

i’m glad you’re still feeling it D :cool: i agree with the vocal-is-not-being-upfront thing, beside that the riser from 1:30 is a little bit harsh for my ears. i would make it less loud and a bit smoother.

but anyway it’s a killer and i like especially the vibe of it!


I wanted to get some vocals which didn’t make it sound like so “commercial house” if that’s what you call it and stick to my proggy melodic vibes dude… cheers and I’ll SC you the track l8r if you want


I wish I could mate, I can’t put the full track on SC if a label picks it up they don’t want you to share it with the rest of the world until it’s released. . . that’s why I did the preview with small parts only :pinch:

thanks man I got slightly carried away with that arp, been using Nomad stereo enhancer to put things closer/further in the mix:

Nomad Factory Creative Software Company

works awesome! for sure I’ll be working to get the vocals pushed in a bit more nice one. Hit me up with your SC if you have one and want to check out a later version.


Good to hear from you P, glad you like it! When I get to working on the FX I’ll be sorting out the harsh riser thanks mate! we should carry on with our collab project again soon when I get some time :smiley:

i’m in D, hit me when you feel it’s time for collab! :cool: